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Strensall in the mid 19th Century

Originally written in 1989 by Tessa Mitchell, Member Number 326, this book has been out of print for many years. We are delighted to have been able to assist Tessa with this reprinted version which is now available at our Research Room and here on our website.
Tessa’s Preface:
The idea for this book was born on the realisation that it was possible to match the families that were resident in the township in 1849-51 with the houses that they occupied. The book is not meant to be a complete parish history but an attempt to re-create a rural community of the mid-nineteenth century, at a time when mechanisation had hardly touched the way of life in the rural areas. Some historical facts are included to give an understanding of the development of the township up to that time. Family history and the ownership of property is given in some cases, although family historians would be wise to check the information given as there may be errors in the sources that have been used.
In view of the changes that have taken place in occupation, population and land use over recent years, it may be of interest to the reader to compare the life of yesteryear with that of today. In a world where we have light at the touch of a switch and pure water at the turn of a tap, modern sanitation, machines to do every conceivable task, fast communication and transport, it is very easy to forget that, for the vast majority, life was hard and very basic well into the twentieth century. There was no such thing as the welfare state to cushion the effects of bereavement, old age, illness, injury, infirmity or unemployment; the best that could be hoped for was parish relief to tide you over and at worst the workhouse. It is not intended to present a sentimental portrait of a way of life that has gone for ever, but to try and present life as it was lived by the families who resided in the township of Strensall in the nineteenth century.
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